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espresso #01: Give Me Five... Brand Hacks


espresso #01: Give Me Five... Brand Hacks

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Welcome to our new e-shot series - espresso - fresh, concise articles discussing significant business design and marketing themes.

As Clear Signal celebrate ten years in the design business we mark the start of our anniversary year with the launch of espresso; a regular briefing sharing our news and views on what matters in design for business and providing future focused tips for brands to deliver more meaningful content and stronger engagement. We?ll be discussing what makes brands grounded, relevant and compelling and our thoughts on how a little creative magic can make a brand surprising and unique.

We open with Give Me Five? Brand Hacks - and will be exploring each of the points in more detail in the coming weeks.

Give Me Five... Brand Hacks

One-to-One Conversation
How are you taking conversations with customers to the next level?
Thanks to next generation print and digital technologies you can customise your message like never before and move from a conversation opener in print to an active message in social media. Additionally we now have the technology to collect consumer data enabling you to communicate one-to-one with your customer and make them part of your brand.

Is your brand name straightforward and accessible?
Simplicity is an increasing trend in how services and their products are named. Stay clear of confusing monikers that fail to deliver their promise. Instead follow more elementary naming that has been pioneered by the likes of Apple dropping the 'i' from its smart watch and Google with ?Glass?. Make a virtue of simplicity. Make your brand accessible.

Tone Of Voice
Are you challenging the sector norm with your tone of voice and language?
Your customers are saturated with a myriad of messages. Business to business brands are traditionally built around benefits and functional delivery. This is a challenging area to develop more of a human connection, however a little warmth can go a long way. Consider turning your category on its head with a vocabulary that redirects your brand focus to communicate on a more personal level.

Arial, Verdana & Trebuchet - what signals are you sending?
A carefully selected choice of fonts can enhance a conversation beyond the literal language used. They communicate the tone and the quality of story telling about your service and your products. The font family chosen and the way that is arranged will skilfully and powerfully improve the message you want to communicate.

Metrics and Feedback
Are you avoiding vanity metrics?
Vanity metrics make you feel (and look) good but they are misleading. Make sure you?re using business and marketing KPI?s to provide actionable feedback whether that?s positive or negative. A positive metric means you?re on the right track. A negative metric spotlights the need for change.

If you?d like to discuss more about how to make your brand stand out, talk to us by calling 01256 370910 or email us direct. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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