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espresso #03: Mind your language


espresso #03: Mind your language

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Welcome to the third edition of our espresso series - fresh, concise articles discussing significant business design and marketing themes.

Mind your language

Are you challenging the sector norm with your tone of voice and language?

Your customers are saturated with a myriad of messages. Business to business brands are traditionally built around benefits and functional delivery and this is a challenging area to develop more of a human connection. The third issue of Espresso explores how business brands might consider use of language and tone of voice to redirect your brands focus to communicate at a more personal level.

The power of your message is directly proportional to how simple you can make it and how few words you use to say it. Amateurs often fall into the trap of attempting to list every possible feature and benefit in every communication, afraid to leave something on the table and miss a fraction of the market. But by saying everything they clutter and confuse and end up saying nothing. Professionals understand that branding is about relentless focus on the most important message, always. They narrow the story all the way down to the big idea and its key associations to create a trim, lean, idea-centred brand with compelling key messages.

So, when you feel that irresistible force moving you to list every feature and benefit in every brand message. Stop. Ask yourself these questions:

Does your copy promise something that nobody else does, signalling that you are number one or the best at whatever you do?

What is the something you are offering that really matters or might do if your audience knew about it?

What is the unique and plausible reason why you claim the above will make logical sense to your audience?

Are you linking your language to an emotional feeling, the human factor that gives your message penetrating power?

Does the service or product you are writing about perform in a way that is totally aligned and consistent with all your claims?

In summary; the more features you show, the less are seen. The more details you provide, the more vaguely you communicate. The more directions you give, the harder it is to be located.

Remember the narrower you focus, the wider your message goes. You say the most by saying the least.

The simplest message wins.

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