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espresso #05: Mirror, mirror on the wall... Are you avoiding vanity metrics?


espresso #05: Mirror, mirror on the wall... Are you avoiding vanity metrics?

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Vantity metrics make you feel (and look) good but they are misleading. Make sure you're using business and marketing KPIs to provide actionable feedback whether that's positive or negative. A positive metric means you're on the right track. A negative metric spotlights the need for change.

Peter Drucker gave us the phrase 'what gets measured, gets managed'. While business owners understand that they must measure results in order to know how effective their marketing efforts are, too many measure the wrong things.

When it comes to metrics and campaign tracking, one of the easiest mistakes you can make is to focus on 'vanity metrics' instead of the metrics that really matter. Vanity metrics are things like:

- Page views

- Number of followers

- Number of downloads of your free report

They make you feel good, but they don't add anything to your bottom line.

Focus instead on engagement metrics which help you understand the impact your website and social media are having on your ability to attract, retain and convert customers. Just because someone follows you does not mean they are engaged with your brand! Focus instead on tracking metrics like:

- Comments per post

- Shares per post

- Likes per post

- Engagement rate per follower

User engagement is when your customer is realising value from your product/service/website/app.

If your business would like to improve your engagement metrics, contact us on 01256 370910 or send us an email.

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