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espresso #09: Why commissioning photography provides great value for your visual brand


espresso #09: Why commissioning photography provides great value for your visual brand

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In an era of information saturation and short attention spans, it is vital your brand is engaging and memorable, with a visual 'hook' that differentiates you from competitors.

As an agency, we regularly organise and art direct library photoshoots which provide our clients with imagery unique to their business, staff and products - in their offices or on location. The results are images that tell a unique brand story through considered image creation, selection and treatment. They are exclusively you.

With a potential return of 100's of images from a single photoshoot, cost effectiveness is second to none. Whilst it may cost more in the short-term (opposed to purchasing a handful of royalty free library images), the benefits of unique and impactful imagery creates a distinct point of difference for your brand, which far out-weighs the initial costs in the long term.

Read our article below on 8 reasons why a library photoshoot will boost customer engagement and return on investment:

1. Imagery that works harder for you
Before choosing a visual route for your brand, do some market research in your sector. Identify your goals and objectives - the messages and emotions you want to convey and the actions you want customers to take once they have viewed your marketing collateral. This research will provide you with the knowledge to choose the right image composition and treatment, ensuring your unique visual identity is working hard for you.

2. Imagery that hasn't been seen before
A well-directed photoshoot will produce results that promote the ideal image of your business, its products and services. Show existing clients and potential customers something of your business they haven't seen before. Staff interaction and a customer facing focus adds a personal and human element to your offering - and an emotional depth that library imagery cannot communicate.

3. Make that first impression
You have one chance to make a striking first impression on new customers, so put your best business foot forward and utilise original imagery to represent the uniqueness of your business and its people. Tell your brand story visually and confidently.

4. Be original
The rights to imagery from a library photoshoot belongs to you and will therefore not be seen or used anywhere else. With stock imagery there is always the risk other companies will make use of them, diluting your message if seen by a mutual client. And of course, the worse-case scenario is when the other company is a direct competitor. With a finite amount of library imagery out there it happens more than you think!

5. Ensure brand consistency
Unique art directed photography allows you to create and maintain the desired style and composition of images that best represent your brand ? in situ, in use and with the right audience in mind. Attaining this with stock imagery is much harder as compromises with choice always have to be made ? usually towards a homogenous or clich├ęd style.

6. No need for image licencing
The photography you've commissioned is yours to keep and use as you wish, so the budget and time invested is well spent. This provides you with the opportunity to build a unique image library with no issues over time limited image licencing (such as Rights Managed imagery) that only allows you to use an image for a specific project and period.

7. Make a human connection
Photographs of your team on your website and other collateral provide the groundwork for establishing a personal connection with clients. It helps create a sense of trust and reliability which generic imagery just cannot do. Sharing photos of your team on social media (creating an engaging LinkedIn profile particularly) and other content areas of your website will help humanise your brand and add an engaging touch.

8. Avoid mixed messages
If your products and services have unique selling points and brand values, a photo library shoot will help you establish and reflect those values. As a creative agency we search, purchase and work with thousands of images a year, and realise one size doesn't fit all. There will be circumstances where library imagery is most appropriate, so we often recommend a strategy of careful image curation - selected, specific library images can support a unique library photoshoot and visual brand.

If you would like to know more about how a library photoshoot could boost your visual brand, then call us on 01256 370910 or send us an email.

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