Established in 1999, Pure is a privately owned Global Search and Selection firm. With offices in London, Hong Kong, New York and Singapore. Pure combine global coverage with a strong local presence to ensure they deliver both on client recruitment objectives and their requirements for quality service and informed local market insights and knowledge.

Pure has exceptional retention statistics which are a testimony to the success of their methodology, with 88% of candidates still at the same company 3 years after placement.


Having worked for a number of the Pure team in previous roles, Clear Signal were invited to develop a new holistic communications strategy for the business. It quickly became clear that all communications needed auditing, with the outcome being a cohesive marketing strategy.

We conducted a brand audit run over two months concluding with a restructuring of the Pure brand.

One of the key recommendations was a cleaner simpler visual brand strategy with each sector being defined by expertise.

With use of bold portraits and cityscapes to define the nature of their business, and rather than 2 geographic websites, build one Group site using Responsive techniques.


Over the past six months, Clear Signal have completely audited Pure’s communications strategy. They now have one global responsive website tailored exactly to the needs of their clients and candidates.

A suite of literature that reflects this change, clear directional content, and a visual brand identity that we are very proud of. It has been a pleasure working with Pure. They have not been afraid of taking bold steps to ensure the brand evolves and competes strongly in a very competitive marketplace.

Author: Marina Jones