The world is ageing and demand for care is growing. By 2050 it is projected that the world’s population of people aged 85 or older will increase more than fivefold, Europe will have the oldest population in the world, and in the UK 11 million people alive today will live to be 100.
time4care (part of The HCR Group) specialises in providing expert advice and help to families to ensure the care they choose, the way they fund it and any legal considerations are right for their loved-one. time4care advisers provide a single point of contact and, whilst their advice is impartial and objective, they never forget that they are helping people to make important - and sometimes difficult - life-changing decisions.


In January 2014 time4care was launched. Clear Signal were tasked with creating a bespoke visual brand identity and a suite of marketing tools including a brochure, website and targeted direct mail shot campaign.

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Author: Marina Jones