The phrases 'brand' and 'visual identity' can mean many things to many people - some of it nebulous and not all of it positive.

Your brand is defined by every touch-point your employees, audience, prospects and competition associate with you. All senses are employed to make value judgements about your business; sight, sound, touch and even smell.

Your brand is seen and heard. It's experienced. It's felt. It's copied and aspired to. Or not. Brands live and they evolve.

How do your staff react to customers? How do they answer the phone? What do they wear? That's your brand.

Is your web presence a positive, intuitive, mobile friendly experience? Is it dull and frustrating? That's your brand.

Are your products or service offerings thoroughly considered and communicated in clear and engaging ways to your customers? Again, your brand.

We could go on! Thousands of words could be written about the whys and wherefores of 'brand'. Ultimately, the 'difference' starts through listening to your challenges, understanding your offering and your audience. Who, what, where and why? What is the essence of your brand vision? Do you have a coherent brand strategy in place? Can you describe it in one sentence? If not, you should.

This is where we begin, and through conversation, analysis and creative thinking we deliver strategic brand solutions that clarify your message, promote your products, increase brand awareness - and excite.

Clear Signal are Hampshire's specialist marketing agency, offering a full range of business brand expertise, including brand audit, brand strategy and brand identity creation.

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