A B2B brand that appeals to a tech-savvy audience...

The challenge

The HCR Group are an established, leading UK company offering relocation and property services. Mytas was a new brand idea created internally that was developed as a unique market proposition to specifically appeal to a professional, tech-savvy and cost-savvy audience when purchasing corporate housing solutions.

The solution

Our brief was well defined - we had to produce a solution that referenced the above, providing a WOW factor to an otherwise stale sector. Vivid, deep orange and cyan became the primary palette. A subtle, contemporary logo was developed, alongside a sleeved, Z-fold brochure and parallax scrolling responsive website. Imagery was key - out with typical square-on images of dull housing. In with an eclectic mix of, well, all sorts, as you'll see.

The outcome

Since launch Mytas has ruffled feathers and opened eyes within this large and under-the-radar sector. Brand awareness has been quick to gain traction and solid sales leads have been developed and closed with significant corporate contracts a result.


Mytas brochure cover and detail Mytas brochure

What did we do?

Visual identity and brand creation


Responsive website

Corporate brochure

Mytas logo

Mytas brochure opened with slip-case cover

Mytas responsive website parallax homepage

Mytas responsive web design by Clear Signal

Mytas responsive mobile web design by Clear Signal

Mytas responsive website parallax homepage detail