A unique nationwide service reimagined and relaunched

The challenge

time4care has been a relatively low-key service offered by The HCR Group for over a decade. It is however, a powerful and uniquely bundled service that has the potential to grow rapidly as age and care issues become more prevalent. time4care provides expert advice and help to families to ensure the care they choose, the way they fund it and any legal considerations are right for their loved-one. The challenge was to re-invent the brand - visually and structurally, to provide a clearer and greatly enhanced marketable proposition to an audience of large organisations provided as a benefit and private individuals as a personal service.

The solution

Through consultation with the client it became clear that a vibrant, positive and life-affirming route should be developed. A suite of new materials with a compelling visual identity were developed (the logo has 4 overlapping elements conveying their 4 pillars of service). Imagery was selected based on conveying family bonds through positive interaction and warmth. Emotional connection with the challenges faced by care issues was a key objective to achieve. Alongside printed materials and advertising, a responsive website was developed to communicate the service to corporate clients and private customers in greater depth.

The outcome

time4care has been re-launched successfully across the UK, achieving a hugely positive response from staff, corporate and private customers alike. Feedback suggests the freshness and 'warmth' of the brand materials have made a definite impact when selling and communicating this complex and sensitive service.


time4care financial advice brochure detail time4care responsive website homepage

What did we do?

Visual identity


Responsive website

Print literature, including brochure


time4care visual identity and brochure detail

time4care responsive website mobile view

time4care visual identity and brochure

time4care responsive website mobile page detail

time4care logo